Services in the field of consulting and cost estimates.

∙ Maximize the value of assets (business).

∙ Provide reasonable price conditions in the negotiations for the purchase / sale / lease of the property, compensation / loss prevention, minimization of tax risks, etc.

∙ Preparation of expert reports on the value of the property (assets, property rights or losses) in criminal, arbitration or civil proceedings.

∙ Appraisal of the various assets (property), share of business, and loss of intellectual rights holders of intellectual property (trademarks, patents, utility models, computer programs, etc.).

∙ Examination of financial projections and calculations, reviewing reports on the valuation;

∙ Qualimetrical analysis, development of methods and a quantitative evaluation of the quality of any object;

∙ Assessment and certification of qualifications; ∙ Evaluation during compilation (compilation) of the financial statements